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Southeast Christian Church
920 Blankenbaker Parkway
Louisville, KY 40243
Sunday, 10:45am


Upcoming Class Events

June 2024
Jun 03
03 June 2024


July 2024
Jul 01
01 July 2024


Jul 20
20 July 2024

Details TBD

What We Are Studying

June 2024
Jun 02
02 June 2024

Jeromy will teach from Acts 2 this week. Please read in advance and come to class with any questions or insight.

Jun 09
09 June 2024

Jeromy will teach from Acts 3 this week. Please read in advance and come to class with any questions or insight.

Jun 16
16 June 2024

David will teach from Acts 4 this week. Please read in advance and come to class with any questions or insight.

Prayer & Praise

Maria/Jimmy close on house in 3 weeks

Brian – dad fell again, no injury pray for stability

Kevin – Micki diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer and double pneumonia

Tod – Bruce and Chris travel to FL

Tricia – daughter, Kathryn, going to Mongolia this summer

Laura – Kass, special needs niece in hospital with pneumonia. Erin, daughter, gastroenterologist issues

Malachi – Alex, friend, had open heart surgery

Jeff – praise, Joes, homeless gentleman, went to rehab for 6 months

Annie – dad, cancer came back, L1 radiation treatment

Melinda – Mallory, daughter, doing better. Sid, step dad, 3 big issues, blood clot in mitral valve, which needs to be replaced and an aneurysm in abdomen

Nathan – praise, returned to class from back surgery

Nate – Linda, mom, fractured arm and shoulder

Jeremy – surgery June 24, heart valve replacement

Leadership Team

Jeromy Hofmeister

Class Teacher

Dustin Szwed

Class Teacher

Daivid Yoho Profile Pic

David Yoho

Class Teacher

Jay Richardson

Class President

Nate Bordeaux profile

Nate Bordeaux

Class Vice President

Kris Zoeller

Class Treasurer

About Us


We are a weekend group at Southeast Christian Church that meets regularly to pursue intimacy with Christ, connection with one another, change to become more like Christ, and to cultivate a heart for others.

We are just a group of people doing life together. Our group represents various seasons of life from retired to young adult and everything in between. Our love for Jesus being the thread that keeps us knitted together every Sunday morning.

If you’re a seasoned Christian, you are welcome, if you’re not sure what you believe, come join us and ask questions. We are on this road together, learning as we go.

Group Guidelines

  • We meet on Sunday mornings at 10:45 am and end at 11:45 am.
  • Group time will typically consist of fifteen minutes of announcements and prayer requests followed by forty-five minutes of study/discussion.
  • Group members should attend and participate on a regular basis. Members agree to pray for prayer requests of other group members on a weekly basis.

Values & Goals

  • Bible Study: the driving force behind the group is the study of God’s word in order to know Him more and proclaim the gospel.
  • Fellowship: we share the benefits of the gospel with one another and prayerfully partner together for the advance of the gospel in our homes and neighborhoods, at school, work, and everywhere we go.
  • Discipleship: the Holy spirit changes us to be more like Christ as we put the Bible into action and uses us to train others to know Him also.
  • Service: part of becoming like Christ means giving of resources and energy to His church and loving on our surrounding community.
  • Missions: we obey the command of Jesus to make disciples of all nations by praying for missionaries, sending support, and encouraging group members to go to un-reached people groups with the gospel.
  • Respect: in essentials unity, in opinions liberty in all things love.
  • Availability: a primary responsibility of the community is to prioritize for specific relationships. This requires a willingness to be available to meet each other’s needs.
  • Multiplication: group members recognize that one of the goals of their group is to expand group connection opportunities for others by welcoming visitors and developing new leaders.

Ministries We Support

Crossroads @ SECC

Connecting people to Jesus and one another.

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Southeast Christian Church
920 Blankenbaker Pkwy
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